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Mensagem  Admin em Ter Dez 13, 2011 2:23 pm

popular names

Sebastiana, Bertanha, white boy, leiteirinha, leiteirinha-the-verge-of-stream

scientific Name

Sebastiania commersoniana (Baill.) L.B.Sm. & Downs



Adenogyne brachyclada (Müll.Arg.) Klotzsch

Adenogyne marginata Klotzsch




Native, endemic to Brazil.


Thorny tree, 5 to 15 m in height, has elliptic or rounded crown. Stem has 30 to 50 cm in diameter usually armed with outer shell of brown color, slightly fissured, with dehiscence in rectangular strips and brown inner bark, when wounded releasing some white latex. Its leaves are simple, alternate, elliptic-lanceolate, leathery, semi-evergreen, glabrous, lower surface pubescent, shortly petiolate measure from 2 to 7 cm long by 1.5 to 3.5 cm wide. Are discolor, light green on the adaxial and the abaxial glaucous, with reddish hue in the autumn-winter. Show 1 to 3 glands at the base of the lamina and margin sawn. The flowers are small, yellow, arranged in terminal spikes 3-5 cm long. The fruits are globose capsules of brown, 8 to 10 mm in diameter, dehiscent, with three seeds inside. Flowering occurs from September to

November and fruiting from December to July.

Friends I have collected this plant to make a rescue in 2009, I believed would not survive because he had just been poison in the last place, where it was destroyed by agricultural machinery ....
She was about 2 meters and was reduced to about 60cm with the cutting machine, so I reversed the cuts and collected the plant ...

After 1 year of slow growth or no left 20 cm of branches on behalf of more than 30 worms that were destroying susbtrato, I decided to make a total exchange of this substrate ......
Using a piece of red earth
1 part of crushed
2 parts coarse sand river
2 parts of organic matter ....

So she said so in two months ....

Where the first pruning was done to gain more secuncarios branches, and its trunk was brushed .....

It was another year of low-growing free bench, where became a veritable forest .....
Unfortunately it did not take photos with large branches, but the result was the thickening of the branches primaries ....
Right at the base had a root that was above the others and very thin, so I decided to withdraw ...

One of the dead branches tbm was removed, but still no work has been done to refine the cut ...

I've been posting this photo with Google translator, sorry for the lack of English, but I will answer and asking for opinions on the conduct of this plant to me that this is about 3 years .....

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